Formatting text and artistic contributions for full chapter submission March 1, 2014

Booth artistic and text based contributions must contain the following:

  •  Name, affiliation and country.
  • Abstract, consisting of approximately 100-150 words. It is important that your abstract clearly states the purpose of your contribution and summarizes the content.
  • Biographical note. Please provide a biographical note about each contributor, consisting of approximately 100-150 words.

Formatting artistic contributions

We ask the artists to prepare their contributions for electronic viewing. Because the art contributions are very different in character, you may need to discuss this personally with us.

Formatting text based contributions

Each chapter is limited to 6000 words, not counting references. Please write your chapter in Times New Roman, 12 pts, double line spacing, preferably using a template provided in your word processing software. Make sure to use the pre-formatted headlines to simplify the preparation of the final book manuscript. References must be presented in APA style and in alphabetical order.

References (examples from
Please note that references should relate to the material actually cited within your chapter.

Book by one author:

Sheril, R. D. (1956). The terrifying future: Contemplating color television. San Diego, CA: Halstead.

Book by two authors:

Kurosawa, J., & Armistead, Q. (1972). Hairball: An intensive peek behind the surface of an enigma. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: McMaster University Press.

Chapter in an edited book:

Mcdonalds, A. (1993). Practical methods for the apprehension and sustained containment of supernatural entities. In G. L. Yeager (Ed.), Paranormal and occult studies: Case studies in application (pp. 42–64). London, England: OtherWorld Books.

Article in a journal:

Rottweiler, F. T., & Beauchemin, J. L. (1987). Detroit and Narnia: Two foes on the brink of destruction. Canadian/American Studies Journal, 54, 66–146.


Your submission may be e-mailed to any one of the editors:

Phd Camilla Hällgren
Department of Applied Educational Science
Umeå University

Associate Professor Elza Dunkels
Department of Applied Educational Science
Umeå University

Professor Gun-Marie Frånberg
Department of Applied Educational Science
Umeå University


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